The Bellevue Alliance


Photo from 2019 Houston World Championships, with 1899, 2412 and 948.

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Are you interested in learning about/joining a robotics team? Going to a BSD high school? Join the Bellevue Alliance, an alliance of all the high school robotics teams in Bellevue, by filling out this form- Link

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We are the Bellevue Alliance!

5 Teams, 1 Alliance, United in Coopertition.

Mission Statement: We will network between teams and share information to help grow and strengthen every individual involved in robotics across the Bellevue School District.

Our teams compete in FIRST Robotics Competition, or FRC, 1 of 3 programs within FIRST or For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology.

For more information on FIRST, click here!

Each FIRST Robotics team is based at a high school within the Bellevue School District.

Titan Robotics

International School

FRC Team #492

NRG (Newport Robotics Group)

Newport High School

FRC Team #948

Wolverine Robotics

Bellevue High School

FRC Team #949

Saints Robotics

Interlake High School

FRC Team #1899


Sammamish High School

FRC Team #2412

Each team is unique with their own strengths and methods of doing things, but ultimately we all compete in the same game.

To learn more about the different teams, click here.

For more info on which BSD high school team you'd be apart of, click this link to see what zone you're in.