BA Board

The Bellevue Alliance Board Members & Representatives meet once a month to discuss and organize various things together, such as trainings, joint recruitment meetings, and other events/projects.

BA Board

Taylor Lai

Team: 948

Mihir Jain

Team: 1899

head of Operations

  • BA’s external point of contact

  • Solicits input for agenda + Leads BA Meetings

  • Acts as the overseers of the BA

Hitesh Mantha

Team: 7461

Eshan Arora

Team: 949

head of Documentation

  • Takes notes at meetings

  • Distributes Information (ex. Sending notes to mentors + Discord after BA meeting)

head of marketing

  • Runs the Instagram

  • Updates the Website

  • Markets events/programs etc.

Lucy Stewart

Team: 2412

Tim Xu

Team: 492

Brittany Masson-Wesse

Team: 9036

Shadow Role

  • Observe the operations of the bellevue alliance

  • Help where needed