Mission Statement

The Bellevue Alliance will network between teams and share resources to create a safe and fun community which allows every robotics team in Bellevue to grow and strengthen.


The Bellevue Alliance (BA) was founded in 2017 by the Robototes (Team 2412) and Saints Robotics (Team 1899). The initial alliance consisted of 492, 949, 948, 1899, 2412. Each Bellevue Alliance team was struggling in its own way, so we came together to discuss what was going on. We used the shared power of our voices to advocate for shop space for robotics teams within the Bellevue School District. At the same time, Wolverine Robotics (Team 949) was running low on funding, space, and mentors. The BA came in together to share mentors, resources, a practice field, and much more! In February 2022, Sushi Squad (Team 7461) joined the BA as a community team. Ramen Robotics (9036) joined the BA in the summer of 2022, originating from Bellevue Big Picture School. 


In order for teams to be a member of the Bellevue Alliance, they must be a FRC team affiliated with the Bellevue School District FRC team or have a shop space in Bellevue.  They must also remain an active member of the Bellevue Alliance by adhering to the expectations listed below.