BA Representatives

The Bellevue Alliance Representatives meet twice a month to discuss and organize various things together, such as trainings, joint recruitment meetings, and other events/projects.

Kiri Nakagawa

2412 - Meeting Lead

Bellevue Alliance Co-Leads

The Bellevue Alliance Co-Leads are responsible for all BA meeting coordination, from emails/reminders to taking notes and leading each meeting.

Aemarie Jacinto

948 - Notes Lead

492 - Titan Robotics

Sonia Tampi

Jessica Massey

Anjan Gahir

  • CTO

Aemarie Jacinto

Senior - CEO

948 - Newport Robotics Group

949 - Wolverine Robotics

Eddie Liao

Brandon Pennington

Julia Santamaria

Delaynie Mcmillan


Noam Arie

Aditya Shrey

1899 - Saints Robotics

2412 -Robototes

Tasbeet Iman

Junior - Awards Lead

Kiri Nakagawa

Junior - Team Captain